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Exchanging Indian Culture


The music of India is one of the oldest unbroken musical traditions in the world. It is said that the origins of this system go back to the Vedas (ancient scripts of the Hindus). Many different legends have grown up concerning the origins and development of Indian classical music. Such legends go a long way in showing the importance that music has in defining Indian culture.

The basis for Indian music is sangeet. Sangeet is a combination of three art forms: vocal music, instrumental music and dance. Although these three art forms were originally derived from the single field of stagecraft. Today these three forms have differentiated into complex and highly refined individual art forms.


Archana performing on stage

Archana Sharma, has undergone an extensive training in music for six years. She has performed in over 40 stage concerts. The music forms of her performances include:

  • Indian Classical

  • Ghazals

  • Bollywood Hits (Indian Movie Hits)


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