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A thoughtful use of various spices is one of the major aspects of Indian Cuisine. Indian cooking is distinguished by the use of a larger variety of vegetables than many other well-known cuisines. Within these recognizable similarities, there is an enormous variety of local styles.

In the north and the west, Kashmiri and Mughlai cuisines show strong central Asian influences. Through the medium of Mughlai food, this influence has propagated into many regional kitchens. To the east, the Bengali and Assamese styles shade off into the cuisines of East Asia.

Modern India is going through a period of rapid culinary evolution. With urbanization and the consequent evolution of patterns of living, home-cooked food has become simpler. Old recipes are recalled more often than used. A small number of influential cookbooks have served the purpose of preserving some of this culinary heritage at the cost of homogenizing palates. Meanwhile restaurants, increasingly popular, encourage mixing of styles. Tandoori fish, mutton dosas and Jain pizzas are immediately recognizable by many Indians in cities.

Chef Arun Sharma

Chef Arun Sharma, husband of Archana Sharma, has been an expert chef in Italian, Continental, Oriental, Chinese, Japanese and Thai cuisines, for last more than twenty years. He has worked in India, Germany, Italy and Netherlands in best hotel chains in the world. Presently, he is working with the Crowne Plaza, Milano and yet satisfying people with his culinary expertise.


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